Landscaping Service

Landscaping Maintenance

Briones Landscaping LLC offers year-round Landscaping Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Properties in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland Washington. We are licensed and insured with over 10 years of experience.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Service includes lawn mowing, edging the grass, trimming back shrubs and yard clean up whenever necessary. We are a full-service Landscape Maintenance Company that provides year-round service to improve the quality of your lawn. Keep your lawn looking its best by calling 206-859-3993 and booking a free Landscaping Maintenance Assessment with one of our Landscape Professionals. Established since 2017 we have been working hand in hand with home and business owners to keep their lawns and landscapes professionally manicured and kept.

Call and book your free estimate today.

Bark Application

Briones Landscaping LLC offers Bark Appliance Services for both Residential and Commercial Landscapes.
This serves as a great base for potted plants and for small trees and shrubs. Do to the fact that most mulches don’t matt down maintenance and clean up is much easier. Shredded bark is inexpensive, widely available, breaks down slowly and work great on slopes.

We are the professionals to trust when it comes to Bark Appliance. Call and book a free consultation with one of our bark specialists and tell us about your project. We are punctual and out attention to detail is unmatched. Call Now.

Tree Planting

Briones Landscaping LLC believes in a green earth. We also understand the importance of trees. We have been helping Residential and Commercial Property owners’ plant beautiful fruitful tress on their home or business properties for more than 10 years. Tress are a great source of shade, fruits and oxygen for our environment.

Our Tree experts will help you choose the right trees for your environment plant it for you and offer on going care to ensure it grows to maturity. Call and book a free consultation with our tree planting experts today

New Sod Installation

Looking to install new sod for your home or business look no further. Call the Sod experts at Briones Landscaping LLC. Sod is already grown and mature, so it looks beautiful from the start. Sod prevents
erosion and washout so its awesome for slopping surfaces. Call the Sod experts at 206-859-3993 and book a free consultation with one of our experts. No job is too big or too small we got the experience to handle them all.


Trees and shrubs getting out of control. Book a pruning appointment with one of our Pruning experts at Briones Landscaping LLC. We will keep your greens looking nice and clean year-round. Pruning promotes healthy growth and keeps common plant disease away. Call the Pruning Professionals and book a free consultation. We will take care of you and treat you like family. We are licensed and insured and can handle residential and commercial projects.

Yard Clean Up

Caring for your yard and landscaping requires choosing the right Landscaping company. Briones Landscaping LLC has more than 10 years of experience offering Yard Clean Up services for Residential and Commercial properties. Yard Clean Up will clean your yard of debris, leaves, grass clipping, and much more. We offer spring yard clean up, fall yard clean up, leaf raking, debris haul away, weed removal, mulch and much more. Call and book a free estimate today and tell us about your personal Yard Clean Up needs.

Synthetic Grass Installation

Want beautiful grass year-round that requires no irrigation, no mowing and no fertilizers. Its time to call Briones Landscaping LLC for your Synthetic Grass Installation Service. This is a durable solution that will stray green always and looked manicures in all seasons. We offer residential and commercial synthetic grass installation service, and we are licensed and insured.